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Nov 30 2006
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Nov 30 2006
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RamSoft One    


How RamSoft One will help your practice.

Today, more than ever before, digital imaging and management technology is indispensable for out-patient practices. Without a digital infrastructure, a facility may be eliminated from contention due to inefficiencies associated with film and paper.  Like in any other business, without quick online access to demographics, images, and financials a practice can miss important opportunities and lose out to connected competitors.

Unfortunately, many out-patient practices lacked the technical expertise and budget to take advantage of a digital imaging and management system. Until now.

With RamSoft One, you can take your entire out-patient practice into the digital era with one elegant solution.  No messy RIS and PACS integrations.  No multi-vendor complication.  No cost overhead due to multifaceted implementations.  One product, one solution, one enterprise wide environment - RamSoft One.


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