Western Diagnostic Imaging Systems (WDIS) is a unique company that offers customers a level of service and flexibility un­matched on the West Coast. With over 25 years of imaging and x-ray experience WDIS has become a diverse provider of New, Used and/or Remanufactured Radiographic Equipment. Today, you would be hard pressed to find another x-ray company that can offer the diversity of products and services of WDIS.

     WDIS is a Medical Dealer/Distributor providing its’ customers a wide variety of  Medical Im­aging Products including sales and service of  numerous product lines, e. g., Carestream Health, Konica-Minolta, IDC, IMIX, Infimed, Thales, Canon, Varian, Vidar, EDI, Villa Sistemi Medicali, GE, Siemens, CPI, CMT, Pausch, Arcoma, Quantum, Sedecal, Thomson, Sony, Acceleray, Orbiswiss, Dunlee, Entropy, Liebel-Flarsheim, Medstone, Ramsoft RIS/PACS and many others.

     WDIS is a local dealer that has been part of the Medical community of Southern California for over 20 years.  Into a second gen­eration of family ownership, WDIS has long been a source of quality sales and service to our customers. WDIS has always focused attention on providing high end products to the X-ray market.  WDIS is a leading Digital Radiology Equipment Integration and non-proprietary Custom Engineering firm that provides LOW COST imaging systems. This WDIS concept has allowed us to establish direct medical equipment purchase contracts with Original Global Diagnostic Imaging Product Suppliers across a wide spectrum of technology. Our unique equipment supply method effectively reduces retail equipment cost to our clients.  We named this method SMART SPACE TECHNOLOGY.

     WDIS integrates and services many high quality radiographic products. Featured among these are products offered by such industry leaders as Infimed RF & RAD Digital Systems; CPI RAD Vision Digital Systems; Arcoma OTC/tables, IMIX Universal C-arm/table systems, and IDC, Canon, Trixell, Villa Apollo and Arcoma/IMIX/Acceleray Digital Radiographic Systems.  All  WDIS SMART SPACE TECHNOLOGY products are integrated with customer preferred dynamic/static Flat Panel Detector or CCD technology and/or retro-fitted to provide upgradeability from Analog to Digital performance.

     Included with the aforementioned technology, CPI High Frequency Generators, Varian X-ray Tubes, Thomson Medical Image Intensifiers, Sony Medical Film Printers, Pain Management C-Arm/Table Systems and Vidar Digitizers are another segment of a wide array of imaging products provided by WDIS and its’ affiliated or­ganizations.  In addition to Southern California, WDIS maintains customer distributor network accounts located in Arizona, Oregon,Washing­ton and Texas.

     Finally,WDIS is also a provider of Information Technology for many clients with products ranging from Teleradiology and Soft Copy Viewing with Deep Archival Storage and Dicom Image Gateway Systems through fully featured Imaging Informatics [IHE class] web-based technology with remote multi-facility Scheduling, Billing and Organizational Management.

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